A complete line of indoor solutions

360° Digital Wayfinding

Our 360° digital wayfinding is a union of our virtual guided tours and industry-leading mapping technology. It leads individuals through images instead of the traditional dots and lines. Travelers are immersed in their path and can see exactly where they are by their surroundings. Our digital wayfinding calculates routes in realtime and works offline. It makes unfamiliar places feel like you’ve been there before.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours allow potential customers to experience your business before they visit. This is one of the best marketing tools, allowing you to open your doors to individuals in their homes. Customers can familiarize themselves with your company in the most intimate of ways.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Our industry-leading interactive maps are engineered to show your customers the parts of your business they want to see. While highly complex geographic information systems makeup our technology, what you see is nothing but fun and simple. Our beautiful content management system (CMS) uses videos, photos, and coupons, to create mini webpages for each entity within your business. Marketing and convenience at every step.

3D Mapping Technology

Our 3D maps use our interactive mapping technology to show your building floor by floor. Users can interact with the mapped building from all sides with the touch of a finger. Additionally, our 3D maps lead users from their starting point to their destination through all levels of the building at a glance.

eBeacon Technology

We create some of the most technologically advanced apps on the market and eBeacons allow us to go even further. eBeacons let us link geofencing, geotags, and other fun geographic information to the user, which, in turn, allow businesses to communicate with their customers in realtime.

Application Programming Interface (API)

We like to keep wayfinding simple. APIs act as the big red bow around your wayfinding package, holding it all together. They let you take the work that we’ve created and use it in your kiosks, apps, website, and wherever else you see fit. Like we said, we are all about connecting things.

Customer Support

We aren’t going anywhere. If you have questions or need some extra support, we are all about customer service. We usually have at least one team member awake, somewhere in the world, and we want nothing more than to make sure our customers are successful.


We know things change. Especially in the world of large organizations that are comprised of multiple entities. All of our products come with a built-in maintenance plan to account for this. We want your wayfinding to be up-to-date and effective, after all, it has our name behind it.

3D point cloud scanning for Building Information Modeling (BIM) industry

itiView is involved in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries through Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our 3D point cloud scanning process creates “point cloud” files that are used directly in CAD software. Our 3D scanning tool also takes beautiful HD panoramic photos for BIM use or for use in our wayfinding solutions.