Our Process

Connecting people, it’s what we do.

Indoor wayfinding is rarely a small project. It crosses as many internal departments as it does platforms. But, we are here to help. Our project managers are some of the best in the industry and you will have one to call your own.

We know that every business has unique challenges. Our team prides itself on staying on the cutting-edge of wayfinding technology to provide you with custom fit solutions. Connecting you to your solution is our business.

  • Your Wish

    It starts with a wish; your wish. You want to show off your company and make it more accessible. You want to connect the individual parts of your company to the individual needs of your customers. We can help you do that.

  • Our Partnership

    It starts with us. With you and us in partnership. We work with each of our clients to listen to their needs and provide solutions. We don’t simply specialize in technology, we specialize in forming relationships, so that when you have your next big idea, you’ll already know who can help you realize it.

  • One Plan

    A plan is a path to a solution. We are pros at plans. Through our partnership we will design a plan for your company to connect with and guide your customers. We have worked with companies worldwide to literally map out plans for them, so that they can lead their customers in the right direction.

  • One Solution

    Our specialty is getting businesses and individuals to the end point on their map. For individuals, this means making life easy with intuitive guiding solutions. For businesses, this means taking one shopping center and turning it into 152 individual stores for their customers.


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Our Team

Because work isn’t work when you love what you’re doing and you can do it together.

Jean-Philippe Gros

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

JPG created and grew a web agency throughout the 90’s before taking on the position of Technical Director for a startup Australian company. As Technical Director, he spent his time cultivating the market worldwide including three and a half years in Sydney, Australia.

Hervé Jolif

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Hervé is in charge of client and product development for itiView wayfinding technology. He is a pioneer in the virtual tours industry in France with 15 years of experience. Hervé grew his own web agency for 10 years, and brought amazing products to many prestigious clients, including the French presidential palace (Palais de l’Elysée).

Cyrille Mach

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Cyrille has been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years from France to the Silicon Valley to Sydney, Australia. He's held technical positions for software editors such as IBM, ILOG and has worked for high-profile companies like VISA. As a software architect and principal engineer, Cyrille has developed a very wide spectrum of technical knowledge.

Melany Varley

Project Manager

Melany has a strong background in marketing and project management. Her attention to detail and goal-oriented focus ensure a smooth project and on-time success.

Eva-Maria Scholz

Project Manager

Eva thrives on interesting projects, like itiView :) and is committed to managing projects flawlessly. She is highly proficient in quality control and increasing customer satisfaction.

Bryan Sirotkin

Photographer - Panoramic Specialist

Bryan is our lead photographer. He is highly skilled at using our custom panoramic cameras and has an eye for artistically marketing businesses.